JETTo is an independent initiative focused on the production of original content, products and the diffusion of information. In the search for contemporary and engaging angles, it aims to reach a diverse public, comprehending people of all ages and different backgrounds. Based in Brasília-DF, Brazil, the design studio follows the steps of 'old-school' masters, methods and references; applying those concepts in the use of modern era techniques such as CG, interactive media and 3D printing, never ruling out bringing traditional processes into the mix whenever they seem fit. The main idea is to add, integrate old and new in an ever renewing arsenal of tools and possibilities.


I'm Aleixo Leite, aka Jetson, a graduate from Universidade de Brasília, major in Industrial Design, co-founder and partner at Buraco de Bala, experienced and renowned animation + design studio in Brazil. JETTo was conceived as a platform open to experimenting in all fields and niches of design and related media. I've always been fascinated by toys, their packages and illustrated/animated spin-offs and collectibles, so JETTo's starting point couldn't be none other than that. As you browse the website you'll find limited edition collectibles and back-stage information on the process behind the development and production of each one of them.


Built on a foundation based on embracing both old and new concepts and paradigms, JETTo looks to establish itself in the early days of what seems to be the verge of a new Industrial Revolution. It's amazing how people are now able to develop all different sorts of products without going through tens of thousands of dollars. It's one of JETTo's goal to spread the word and contribute in the development of a local community of designers and entrepreneurs interested in this new reality. All power to the people! ;)


Hope you enjoy the info and items you'll find at JETTo.tv! Thank you!


Some sample images of comissioned and conceptual work below: 


bandeira brasil prefeitosesculturas samplestoy lobinhografitti zumbipainel apolloconcepts revolucionmonumento onurio 20 brio 20 ario 20 drio 20 crio 20 eskyline rio janeiro cocamood rio janeiro cocagarrafas cocacoca captada acoca captada bcoca captada ccoca captada dcoca print

1. Brazilian flag projection mapping – Presidential Cabinet Mayor Commencement Cerymony; 2. Sculpture studies; 3. Toy design – Terraço Shopping; 4. Freehand graphitti study; 5. Mural – Museu da República; 6+7. Concept art – Revolución + UN Slavery Memorial Pitch; 8-12. Projection mapping – Rio +20 Environment Conference; 13-19. Projection mapping – Coca-Cola Brasil 70th Anniversary; 20. 3D print – Coke mini bottle souvenir prototype.