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The Revolución Series is an effort to ally aesthetically appealing graphics and significant content, bringing interesting and important facts to light. These six figures were picked, for very especial reasons, to be featured in a run of 50 silkscreen numbered and signed prints. With no exception, they were all proeminent revolutionary characters. Latin America was never the same after each one of them left their mark.

You can learn more about them accessing their individual article/product pages. The 'Series SET Pack' grants you one of the pieces for FREE, as it's always great when the full set is displayed together, you know what they say, you have to keep it together! :)

So, if you'd like to acquire the whole set, hit the BUY button at the bottom of this page instead of adding each one of them to your cart individually. Anyhow, if you also want to learn more about the historical figures and events depicted in the series, follow these links: João Cândido, Maria Quitéria, Simón Bolívar, Tupac Amaru II, Emiliano Zapata and Salvador Allende. There you'll also find extra detail images and info about the production process. Enjoy the reading!



_Revolución! Series 1 SET

_silkscreen - 6 limited prints


_5 prints + 1 FREE!!!

_33x88cm | 12x30in


_R$ 1.000,00

_US$ 500.00 ~


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